Reginald publishes toolkits for
design strategy that anyone can access.

Reginald publishes toolkits for
entrepreneurship that anyone can access.

Reginald publishes toolkits for
creativity that anyone can access.

Reginald publishes toolkits for
management that anyone can access.

Our methods and pay-what-you-want toolkits have reached an estimated 100,000+ workshop participants, readers, and users across 175+ countries.

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Give All

A series of nine design strategy toolkits that teach you how to build a brand, create a digital presence, and better position an organization.

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Models of Impact

An ideation game that teaches you about social entrepreneurship. Inside, you’ll find our curriculum, a glossary of 200+ business models, and more!

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Peculiar Prompts

A collection of 1,003 creative prompts designed to break the rhythm of an otherwise mundane business meeting, weekday, or general existence.

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AHA Exponential Listening Toolkit

The Responsible Brand

52 pages of activities and insights to help you define the powerful trifecta of a Responsible Brand: Organizational Culture, Business Strategy and Brand Marketing.

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AHA Exponential Listening Toolkit

Exponential Listening

Harness the power of listening to change the way you work—explore an array of tools, methods, and strategies for more equitable community collaboration and engagement.

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So What?

This step-by-step framework and set of 9 worksheet activities will show you how to set real goals, and identify, capture, and evaluate the impact of your work.

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Risky Business

Risky Business empowers creative thinkers in risk-averse industries to catalyze true innovation in their organization, no matter how hard the uphill battle is.

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First 50 Days

A 50-day plan for entrepreneurs to go from idea to execution, including methods for identifying a problem, building a prototype, and getting feedback.

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Time Machine

A step-by-step process that makes it easy and fun to track trends, write future scenarios, and map out possible futures. Are you ready to travel time?

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Make It Remote: Work

A survival guide to implementing remote work for your business, including suggested tools, resources, and tips and tricks for time management, facilitation, and more.

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The Collaborator

A comprehensive diagram that explains the mindsets people bring to their work, and a team manifesto writing exercise to foster better collaborations.

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A series of methodologies for framing problems, generating ideas, and sharing innovations for feedback.

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Lusco-Fusco Toolkit for Youth Organizers

A toolkit packed with activities and frameworks that take young leaders through the stages of developing their youth organization.

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Make It Remote: School

A survival guide to implementing remote learning for your classroom, including suggested tools, resources, and tips and tricks for time management, facilitation, and more.

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Peculiar Prompts: Social Distancing Edition

A selection of 624 creative prompts from Peculiar Prompts that you can do while you #stayhome.

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MOOZ: The Zoom Scavenger Hunt Game

In a race against the clock, players compete to see who can earn the most points across five levels of play. Can you get a perfect score?

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Productive Enough

Productive Enough shares mindful productivity and time management tricks developed to help you get more things done, while also keeping stress to a minimum.

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A vision to re-frame pro-bono service

At its core, pro-bono is about making expertise available to those who might not otherwise be able to access it. But since the late 1800s, despite incredible technological advancement, the ways in which that expertise is delivered has not changed. Face-to-face pro-bono consultation and training severely limits the amount of people that can benefit from the pro-bono work. This is why we are building Reginald, a free library of expertise. Reginald partners with leading agencies, practitioners, and other organizations to turn their expertise into a replicable methodology that can be made available as a pay-what-you-want toolkit. After 15 years of pro-bono service, Matthew Manos launched Reginald to re-frame the way pro-bono is done. Reginald’s toolkits have offset the equivalent of 100,000+ hours of consulting and training.

Why would you operate an outdated model developed by your great granddaddy?

Reginald Heber Smith, celebrated activist, lawyer, pro-bono pioneer, and inventor of the billable hour.

Let's publish something together.

We are always on the lookout for new partners that are interested in turning their knowledge into an open-access toolkit. We work with you to develop these toolkits at no up-front cost. Once published online, we split the revenue on the donations earned, 50/50.

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